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10.10.2019 10:11
I don't learn, I Antworten

Today is the first day of our military training. The mood is excited and worried. After all, this time is different from the past. The same is the familiar environment. The difference is people. It is no longer a familiar face but strange. Everyone will go back. Come together to meet a new learning career. We listened to the principal's speech. First, the principal spoke about the growth history and school philosophy of Mengshan Middle School. He also talked about the rules and regulations of the school. Let us know how to comply with the school rules and regulations and become a qualified middle school student. In the afternoon, we did some military training on the training ground, and learned to do new radio exercises and dressing Newport Cigarettes. I watched the teacher give us a demonstration on the stage. I thought about it in my heart. This set of exercises is really complicated. After learning to forget the front, I can't really put so many things in my head, but I have to make up my mind after I decided to go home. If I don't learn, I will be more "ugly". In the evening, we also watched a movie about "War Wolf", which tells the story of a small man who grew up to be a lonely hero who saved the destiny of the country and the nation. Although it is no longer a war-torn era, there are still many inside. Spirit is worth learning. After the movie is finished Wholesale Cigarettes, I go back to the dormitory to rest Parliament Cigarettes. I feel like my body is not in my bed, but I still think about some plots in the movie. Looking back, I think about it now, what do I think our generation lives in the moment? Happiness, so we must cherish everything that is in the present and live up to the hopes of our predecessors. It seems as if you are wearing a military uniform, standing there in a heroic position...
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