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Carnegie said: "The most precious 'trait' of life is not the ability to execute, not the great mind, not kindness, courage, or sense of humor, although these are extremely important. I personally think that the most important thing is to make friends. Ability, when it comes to its essence, is actually the ability to appreciate the advantages of others. "So, the question comes: the ability to make friends, the ability to make more friends, or the ability to make true friends. The ancients often follow the true and false of friendship. , Depth, nature, etc. to distinguish friends, friends are divided into confidants, brothers, close friends, permanent friends, friends, benefit friends, harm friends, etc., praise the gentleman's friendship, poor friendship and other noble friendships, cherish the friendship between life and death, life and death , Affliction of affliction, adversity, etc., accepts the affair of friendship, nodding acquaintance, general acquaintance, etc., and despise false friendship such as acquaintance of wine and meat, acquaintance of market and so on. In a nutshell, the basic criteria for ancient people to distinguish true and false friends are: whether they care for each other and whether their motivations are simple. Treat friends with sincerity; don't make plans, just villains. Therefore, the gentleman in ancient times never considered the number of friends, and only cared about the authenticity of friends. Interest, power, potential, and use of money are all utilitarian behaviors that seek to make profits in the name of fake friends, and have always been shameless by gentlemen Confucius summed up this value as: "Three friends for the benefit, three friends for the loss. Friendship, friendliness, friendliness, goodness. Friendship, friendliness, softness, friendship, and loss." Chinese people who inherit the Confucian culture. Firmly believe: "Intersecting with the benefit, but scattered as best as possible; Intersecting with the potential, but losing the potential; Intersecting with the power, discarding the power loss; Intersecting with the emotion, hurting the judgment; Only intersect with the heart can make it last. Think of making friends as conscious, voluntary, and autonomous actions in exchange for heart. We believe that making friends has nothing to do with interests or abilities, but only with values. Only by recognizing each other's personal qualities, accomplishments, habits, value orientations, life pursuits, aesthetic tastes, etc. can they be true friends. Lu Shiyi's "friends are later brothers, brothers are natural friends" may refer to friends in this pure sense. Westerners with mercantilist tradition and religious beliefs often treat friends as valuable social resources Marlboro Cigarettes. Think of making friends as a means of integrating resources. They believe that the ability to make friends is the ability to integrate resources and seek benefits. Making more friends can integrate more resources and seek more benefits. Making friends is to integrate resources. The so-called "appreciating the advantages of others" is not the envy and admiration from the heart Online Cigarettes, but the discovery and excitement based on interests. The stronger this ability is, the higher the efficiency of seeking benefits, the better the effect, and the easier it is to maximize the benefits. In a market economy environment, this ability to make friends is competitiveness. Carnegie's "ability to make friends" might refer to this ability? In summary, making friends in China is a value-oriented approach. Making friends as a cultivation practice and treating friends' friendship as a relationship cultivated in previous lives reflects the emotional aspirations of the people in the society. Making friends in the West is a way of making friends. Pragmatic orientation, paying attention to the ability to make friends and the number of friends, and not paying attentio
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